Ups and Downs: Great Depression’s Imperfect Valor

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Ancestry Is Not Fair and Rarely Ever Complete

Those who might hope to portray a complete, fair, and accurate written portrayal of family history might best reconcile that women are typically shortchanged and woefully neglected in the process. This insight motivates and inspires me to keep writing about by grandmother and pay tribute to her largely forgotten accomplishments. One might find it strangeContinue reading “Ancestry Is Not Fair and Rarely Ever Complete”

Ancestry Requires No Passport

You are invited. Travel with me to a heritage travel experience to Southern Sweden with my friend Rich Wemstrom. No passport is required. Examine in this cyber travelogue how he uniquely, personally, and artistically brings genealogy to life. Rich claims the trip, “ touched me to the extent I felt RESPONSIBLE to pass on theContinue reading “Ancestry Requires No Passport”

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