Blog: Remembering Grandma Maja

Psychology and Investing Time in Organizing Family History Projects: Boundless? Limitless?

What is the spark that ignites and keeps igniting our desire to work on exploring and sharing our family history? Is there “psychology” involved? What are ways to be motivated and productive and come to a point of satisfaction with our endgame plan to deal with family history? Some are intimidated with diving in, andContinue reading “Psychology and Investing Time in Organizing Family History Projects: Boundless? Limitless?”

Ancestry Is Not Fair and Rarely Ever Complete

Those who might hope to portray a complete, fair, and accurate written portrayal of family history might best reconcile that women are typically shortchanged and woefully neglected in the process. This insight motivates and inspires me to keep writing about by grandmother and pay tribute to her largely forgotten accomplishments. One might find it strangeContinue reading “Ancestry Is Not Fair and Rarely Ever Complete”

Genealogy and Bearers of the Family Torch

What is it that drives a personal passion to willingly take on the role of “ancestry keeper of the light”? Not every person bears an interest to engage in researching family history. Not everyone feels a sense of responsibility to carry forward one’s known ancestry for personal motives or dedicated to toiling for the benefitContinue reading “Genealogy and Bearers of the Family Torch”

Genealogy Tourism Sentimental Journey and More

“The searching of one’s family history does not have a clear end-goal, but rather is an ongoing process of building a larger narrative about one’s self and the past” Ancestral tourism, the travel to see and explore where the roots are planted for one’s family tree is definitely on the rise. Planning my third pilgrimageContinue reading “Genealogy Tourism Sentimental Journey and More”


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