Swedish American Toughness Built on Strong Roots

My Swede Grandmother made a big decision by coming to America in 1922. She initially came just for a visit and looking for adventure. She stayed, quickly finding romance. And as they say, the rest is history. Her Swedish roots would grow an American dream that would be severely tested. Before 1900. Maja’s father’s brotherContinue reading “Swedish American Toughness Built on Strong Roots”

Swedish Women’s Hats: Simple Elegance

1948-1969 represents a time when I fell in love with everything about my very Swedish Grandmother, including her hats. I hope you enjoy a short journey exploring My Maja, as I focus on highlighting her stylish hats and reveal some family history. Grandma Maja was impressive in many ways. How I wish I would haveContinue reading “Swedish Women’s Hats: Simple Elegance”

Hidden Swedish Family Secrets

One of the big lessons that my Grandma Maja tried hard to teach me was: “We Swedes try to keep to ourselves and don’t share family business.” I won’t be a spoiler and take away suspense and prematurely share Grandma Maja’s hidden family secrets in this blog. I implore you to read our book instead.Continue reading “Hidden Swedish Family Secrets”