Winter In Sweden (Viking Style)

Winter in Sweden was a fantasyland for storytelling by my dear mother and grandmother. My mother only spent a year as a 8 year old in Sollefteå after her father died in Chicago. She never outgrew her love of the Swedish “spark” kick sled. In her seventies she purchased a spark in America. Beautiful memories.Continue reading “Winter In Sweden (Viking Style)”

Grandma Maja: Most Resilient Person I have Known

10 Habits of Highly-Resilient People From Psychology Today. November 30, 2020 Bryan Robinson Most certainly apply to my Swedish immigrant widow, mother of three left to raise her family alone in a hostile foreign land during America’s Great Depression. 1. Grow a thick skin and expect rejection and setbacks. Commit yourself in advance to facingContinue reading “Grandma Maja: Most Resilient Person I have Known”

Maja’s Story Appearing in New Publications

This blog shares an article that includes my Grandma Maja’s Story from my Amazon Published book: My Maja A Grandson’s Tribute. Below is a link to the article from friend: Mary Beth Sammons. Enjoy. Mary Beth Sammons expands upon the above article in a book soon on sale. Once again Maja’s story is included.Continue reading “Maja’s Story Appearing in New Publications”

Maja’s Anguish: Immigrant Struggle and Abandonment

What is it Lord that I am not seeing?….. The struggle is too great for me alone………. The American Great Depression brought down a storm too heavy at times for Grandma Maja to bear alone. Her dead husband (dying in 1932) was no longer at her side to lift her up. She was a widowContinue reading “Maja’s Anguish: Immigrant Struggle and Abandonment”

Endless Genealogy Discovery: Breakthroughs and Brickwalls

By publishing my book in 2020, after 16 years of researching, synthesizing, writing and rewriting I was convinced my genealogy quest was ready for a rest. Today a cache of family photos unknown to me and from a mysterious source abruptly appeared from nowhere. Perhaps, passed along from one relative to another without valuing orContinue reading “Endless Genealogy Discovery: Breakthroughs and Brickwalls”

Immigrant Great Depression- Depression

Deacon Recalls His Immigrant Grandmother’s Gumption – and Discovers Her Struggle with Depression While he was growing up in Chicago, Deacon Don Grossnickle loved visiting his grandmother Maja, an immigrant from Sweden, and listening to her stories about her home country’s “enchanting winters, the Christmases, the sleighs, the horses, the beautiful lakes,” he recalled during aContinue reading “Immigrant Great Depression- Depression”

Positive Book Review: My Maja A Grandson’s Tribute (From Amazon)

Julie rates 5.0 out of 5 stars. Verified Purchase Reviewed in the United States on October 25, 2020 Memorable, moving tale of an immigrant woman’s resiliency and determination. This true, touching story chronicles a young Swedish woman’s journey from Sweden to America in the 1920s. Maja was born into a successful Swedish family which enabledContinue reading “Positive Book Review: My Maja A Grandson’s Tribute (From Amazon)”

Comments/Review on: My Maja A Grandson’s Tribute

From a reader today: “Don Grossnickle,- I got your book today and read it straight through. I was riveted by her story and the effect she had on you. I so wish she had kept a diary so you could know what she thought and felt during her life. I think she kept her secretsContinue reading “Comments/Review on: My Maja A Grandson’s Tribute”

Independent Book Review: My Maja A Grandson’s Tribute

As promised, my review of Dr. Don Grossnickle’s fantastic book, “My Maja”. “‘Framåtanda’- gumption, a go-to spirit: this Swedish word that Don Grossnickle uses to describe his beloved grandmother in this book could not be more accurate. She arrived in America from Sweden as a young woman with high hopes and expectations, only to haveContinue reading “Independent Book Review: My Maja A Grandson’s Tribute”