Tech Tools Boost Preserving Family History

Today’s smart phones in tandem with Microsoft Word processing apps can empower most everyone to collect and share family history.

Electronic scrapbooking gives the average person the tools needed to weave together old photos, stories and genealogy family trees.

My Maja A Grandson’s Tribute is an example of what an iPhone and Microsoft Word can do together. Taken all the way to self publishing on Amazon Books illustrates the possibilities.

Get busy taking photos of images from albums and collecting them. Amaze yourself in proving your hidden storytelling genius waiting to be displayed.

One photo, one , one page, and one story are added at a time.

Notes from a 2003 “How to scrapbooking” can serve to inspire action today. Seize the ready -made advantage of technology tools.

Weave a family tree together with photos and add in story. These are the basic ingredients for creating a family album.

Starting is the hard part of achieving a finished product. Give it a try? Just one photo captured from you smart phone added to a word processing document brings a heritage to life.

Now, add some text and take a photo or document further toward narrating a story via a caption. An example:

This 2003 book has many ideas that can be updated by cut and paste use of smart phones and word processing.

“ Tell your children of it and let your children tell their children and their children another generation.”

Published by Donnie: An Admiring Grandson

Living an inspired life modeled after my Grandma Maja, who stepped up as a Swedish immigrant widow and mom of 3, facing America’s Great Depression while demonstrating uncommon grit and valor. I am determined to share her life lessons so she is no longer forgotten. I have a book to share and the reader will preview the entire story by visiting here. You are most welcome.

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