Genealogy- “Savory Root Stew”

Genealogy is likened to creating a savory stew we cook up that is so good it will outlast us. We seek to develop a relationship with eternity inventing our own family history recipe. In our older years we enter a stretch of life that we may come to realize leads all the way to theContinue reading “Genealogy- “Savory Root Stew””

Genealogy: Identity Treasure Hunting—Search for Self?

Is it true for you? It appears that many want to know where they come from, what we are, what made us who we are. Is this ancestry questing urge a universal need? What is behind this wanting to know about our roots? What is the mystery of it all? Thousands today seem to clamorContinue reading “Genealogy: Identity Treasure Hunting—Search for Self?”

Genealogy: Art or Drudgery?

Thousands each day, across the globe, receive divine inspiration of one sort or another to pickup the challenges associated with exploring and assembling one’s genealogy. Just exactly how one chooses to celebrate the process of approaching the big and small challenges connecting to adopting a family history project might make all the difference. One approachContinue reading “Genealogy: Art or Drudgery?”

Swedish Family Heirlooms: Genealogy Show and Tell Treasures

My Swedish Grandmother Maja and family have left behind treasures which each tug at heartstrings linked with cherished memories. What are your family heirlooms?, and why do you hold them to be treasures? In 2004, exploring the attic of grandma Maja’s daughter, Linnea, I found a treasure chest almost tossed out with the trash. LinneaContinue reading “Swedish Family Heirlooms: Genealogy Show and Tell Treasures”