Genealogy and Museums Spark Grandma’s Imaginations Come Alive

Remembering Visiting our Daughter Kristin at a Swedish Language Immersion Experience in Minnesota circa 1989

There is something special, very hard to describe about Swedish Grandmother’s softly expressed intent on sharing customs and traditions with grandchildren.

My mother proud to show her grandchildren, Kristin and Erik, her love of American Daughters of Sweden activities.
Our daughter attended Swedish camp for two summers. One summer she received a scholarship from Grandma’s American Daughters of Sweden
American Swede grandmother and our grandchild, Maja, named after her great great grandmother.

I was fortunate to experience this Swedish nurturing firsthand, and to watch it as my mother was magically transformed into a mentor, teacher, tour guide into the mythical love of ethnic traditions and lore.

Grandmother Delores (Maja’s daughter) Explained that she never outgrew her love of Skiing in Sweden
Grandaughter Kristin was one of many Lucia Queens of Chicago. The experience carried over into her life. Graduating from college a backpack trip to Sweden became a priority.
Wonderful homecoming scene of an American visit to Swedish family in Stockholm.
Chicago area Swedes gather for many activities in Vasa Park
Our family has gathered annually with Swedes to keep immersed in our heritage.

Growing up in Chicago among so many Swedes helps keep connections alive.

Today, the Swedish Museum of Chicago not only focuses on genealogy and history it offers an amazing year-long array of programs and events focused on Swedish culture.

Traditions in the home, baking, foods, customs are an immersion linking experience to our Swedish roots.

Writing, calling and visits back and forth translate into a desire to remember roots and exercise family bonds that go back generations.

Family gathering in Sollefteå Sweden at the. Family farm and manor house circa 1921
Grandma Maja and my mother and father loved and supported my keen interest in everything about Sweden.

Writing my book: My Maja. A Grandson’s Tribute weaves together so much of my highly treasured experiences as a Swedish American.

Published, August 2020, Amazon Books

Genealogy activities build upon and help explain upbringing, people in our lives and connections to our childhood experiences. The photo above marks an important event in family history.

Staged at a train station in Sweden, my Grandma Maja and my mother and her sister and brother as children, prepare to return to America.

After the tragic death of Maja’s very young husband-father they spent a year with Swedish family in Sollefteå.

Maja’s Swedish family tree written in her own handwriting

Guided by family, photos, professional genealogy experts help sort out documents. Our Swedish heritage is strengthened with historical background to augment experiences.

Professional Swedish Genealogist and historian Professor Lars Lundstrom has guided our family research expedition.

To enjoy the beauty of hand embroidery from grandma so lovingly passed along is a great treasure. The physical, emotional and spiritual bonds of our Swedish connections grow each day building on the gift of our past.

Published by Donnie: An Admiring Grandson

Living an inspired life modeled after my Grandma Maja, who stepped up as a Swedish immigrant widow and mom of 3, facing America’s Great Depression while demonstrating uncommon grit and valor. I am determined to share her life lessons so she is no longer forgotten. I have a book to share and the reader will preview the entire story by visiting here. You are most welcome.

3 thoughts on “Genealogy and Museums Spark Grandma’s Imaginations Come Alive

  1. I visited Sweden several years ago and stood in the houses where my great grandmother was born, raised and in the house where my great grandparents lived before moving to the USA. Felling their presence in the house was amazing .


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