Endless Genealogy Discovery: Breakthroughs and Brickwalls

By publishing my book in 2020, after 16 years of researching, synthesizing, writing and rewriting I was convinced my genealogy quest was ready for a rest.

Today a cache of family photos unknown to me and from a mysterious source abruptly appeared from nowhere.

Perhaps, passed along from one relative to another without valuing or sharing they just appeared.

Now what? I ask.

Disappointed? Hardly. Now, what was a welcome interlude of book lectures and just starting touring and sharing the book and process of writing,- it turns now toward awakening to a new adventure,- and more researching, writing and storytelling. I am so happy.

Grandma Maja comes back to life and my older brother Tommie, and me (Donnie) travel back in time to 1956.
The picture I had hoped to find of Grandma Maja in her nursing uniform appears.
A rare picture of my grandfather (I never met) in a delightful pose with Grandma Maja and a fancy auto, having a picnic?

Now what? A beautiful lesson from all of this seems to suggest that when it comes to family history gathering a potential breakthrough or brick wall might be just around the corner.

Genealogy is always evolving. The process of gathering and interpreting, enjoying, storytelling, and going back and forth researching, archiving and more is dynamic and ever changing.

Grandma Maja returned to Sweden in 1949 after raising her family. She was finally home in her beloved Sverige. Maja had this formal portrait made in Stockholm. (I had never seen this beautiful picture before today) I am so happy to be reunited with you again, dear Grandma Maja!

Published by Donnie: An Admiring Grandson

Living an inspired life modeled after my Grandma Maja, who stepped up as a Swedish immigrant widow and mom of 3, facing America’s Great Depression while demonstrating uncommon grit and valor. I am determined to share her life lessons so she is no longer forgotten. I have a book to share and the reader will preview the entire story by visiting here. You are most welcome.

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